Sunday, 10 October 2010

Harvest FEASTival

Considering I'd gathered so many conkers the other day I thought I'd better gather up my people and celebrate our bounty. We bounded into Autumn with a feast of warming foods. As I was on a sleep in come down I could begin prep at 3pm by making the dough for my tarte tatin and chilling it for two hours. I also thinly sliced six apples and left them swimming in a bowl of lemon juice and water so they didn't brown. I then went to soak myself in the bath with my new box set until it was time to properly get stuck in.

By the time Alex came home to make his thick onion gravy I was already covered in flour and egg making the batter for my toad in the hole. I think he wished he hadn't come home when I accidentally dropped the sausages into sizzling oil from a height and splashed him. Luckily the freckles on his hands camouflage the burn marks! When the sausages were golden I poured the batter in and slipped some sprigs of rosemary in for good measure.

That rose out of the oven to cheers of delight from our guests, accompanied by thick onion gravy, oozing baked beans, cheesy mash and a nod to spinach.
We all had a lovely time apart from when they hid from me between courses. Fine! I'll just eat all the tarte tatin myself.

The best bit was after my client saw my leftovers lunch the following day she requested I teach her the whole meal so I had the whole thing again for dinner. Ahh. Ever so heart warming.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Anish some more

Went to Hyde park on Monday with Bobeh to see the Anish Kapoor sculptures and have a picnic.
We ate spinach and pea frittata, chocolate cake, raisins, and a nibble of pork pie no longer lying around Bob's fridge. We watched ourselves in Anish's great round mirror whilst eating. Did you know that beautiful people look in the mirror more often than ugly people? Obviously true that lunch.

After some playing in trees we scooped up all the conkers we could find. Later on when I was at dinner in Pizza Express and they all fell out of my bag onto the floor I regretted it, but at the time it was loads of fun.
Oh we also went to the red cafe and had tea and a macaroon. I'm in this photo but you can't see me as I'm dressed all in red.