Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Currying favour

Living with an expat Australian I've been touched by how generous they are with social offers when new Australians arrive off the boat and don't know anyone yet. I've always been a mingler but I thought this was taking it to new heights.

We had a few newbies round on Friday night for a friend date. Seeing as "what's one more between friends" we decided to invite all the curries as well. We made daal, and saag paneer, and chettiar aubergine curry, and a sweet potato one, rice, and chapaatis. Half an hour into cooking, with them all jostling for attention on the stove, we wondered aloud if we were doing one too many. Hmm. What's the ratio of main courses per guest though? 1:1 right? So we carried on.

I think it was really nice for our guests as it was so hot and steamy in the room that it probably was quite reminiscent of home. They didn't have to make any awkward chit chat with their hosts as we were too busy cooking to talk to them. And it's the Australians that don't eat supper until 9.30pm right?