Monday, 16 January 2012

Bleak midwinter

Like a parsnip emerging after the first frost I've dug myself out from crying under my duvet about having to move homes. No more am I going to compost myself in with the discarded wrappers of my old Christmas selection pack. I'm going to try to think positive about moving here (see right).

At least I won't have the room to entertain guests which will save me loads of money on arborio rice.

For now, as I can afford food, I've got some.

I thought I'd make a parnsip risotto for dinner with Bob, with produce from my own fair garden. Just had to pop outside and dig them up from the frozen earth. Didn't have a spade so just used a spoon. Well, I figured I would be using one for all the rest of the prep so why delay.

Unfort we had to delay as someone in Croyden had jumped infront of a train and made Bob so late that we had to eat risotto out of tupperware in the dark of the cinema. Mm. I ate mine in popcorn size globs just to get in the mood.