Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mini nightmare

Whilst Mum was away recently I took it upon myself to spring clean her stuff. First load out was a boot full of mugs that make me feel dirty inside when I drink from them. Even worse an offender than the "Mums are special" and the plain white one probably from the village hall,  was the "Cadbury's Mini egg" one. You know exactly the one I mean. Your dentist has one, your workplace has three, even the artisan cafe on Columbia road with the freshly roasted coffee which should know better has one actually hanging on the wall in full sight.

Eurghh. I hesitated at the counter of the charity shop. "Are these any good?" I asked tentatively. Oh yes, yes please we desperately need stock. I wrinkled my nose. "Are you sure you want them though?"


When I came back a few weeks later I found the mini egg mug back on the kitchen shelf. "What is this I see before me? This vile sight?"  Ro suggested Mum had bought it thinking she could now have a set, but I think I might just have accidentally left it in the boot of the car, my hands were so full of all the other bits and pieces I was confiscating.

Something that really couldn't have the eggs left out of it is a lovely broccoli and stilton quiche like the one I made this week for Louis and I. I made the pastry, then popped broccolli, grated courgette and cheese in, then poured a mix of three eggs and milk on top, topped by more cheese. We had it with sweet potato mash and posh baked beans to give it some wet.

Now THAT is taste!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Feeding the Fran-thousand

Walking to the tube at Easter I glimpsed a spindly procession of people winding through the park, singing, led by a berobed Priest holding a sceptre. Two followers were weighed down by the crucifix. It was raining and I felt a bit sorry for their meagre attendance in this confusing modern world in which all people I know definitely don't think it's a good idea to walk around in the rain believing a story in a scroll.

I thought maybe I should join them to cheer them up. Louis tells me he's glad we're together so he doesn't have to eat pizza alone each evening. Maybe they'd be equally buoyed by my presence.

But my new union wasn't to last as long as the one with my beloved (yes, two years, I know right). They and their huge cross congregated in front of the tube as I needed to enter it, thus cutting short my path into Catholicism as they lengthened my journey to Euston. EXCUSE ME!

I reflected on my day as I tucked into my fish pie at Mum's later and concluded that when there's mash and cheese sauce involved  it's much nicer to be alone. Or just have a Mum who's a slow eater.

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Crowing at my triumph

The other day I saw a sign from God.

"You, like the crow, me incarnate, should also eat more leftovers". It seemed to be saying.
Obs God! Of course I eat leftovers. I'm a pre Mum. What else can I do?

Well, it seemed to be saying, "Make the best of the desert of your fridge and only eat what is in there for forty days". Oh I see. As long as I don't have to eat Granny's leftovers out the wheelbarrow.

On Tuesday night Louis made fajitas for S coming back home. We really enjoyed it. Our stomachs were certainly not heaving unlike the plates! The next day Chazzy came for lunch on her last day off school and I cut some lettuce to add to it and we scouped up the fajita mix with some pittas I had lying around.

For supper Louis and I had the same fajita mix again apart from with a jazzed up guacamole called "goddess dressing". Ahem, a bit blasphemous don't you think Thomasina Myers? Now, I've REALLY been touched by the spirit.

I was still sticking to my meagre fare by Thursday. Leftovers Meal 4. I finished the fajita wraps and fillings ready for Louis and I to go out for dinner with my Aunty. They wanted to tempt me way from my four day walk in the fajita desert but I said get thee hence satan, and steered us into the arms of Chilango in Angel.

Friday I was really pleased to find one last wrap in the fridge and cleared it off with some smoked salmon and lettuce.

I should have just used that last wrap to wear as a halo!