Friday, 4 January 2013

As time moves nearer to my homecoming I thought I would reflect on what I have learnt on my Gap Yah.

1) I can just about survive with a hand towel to dry after showers. Although i have to wash my hair and body seperately.

2) Stretchy pink jeans are not my only piece of clothing.

3) I don't seem adverse to wearing the same pair of pants for three days. Even after an unfortunate street food incident.

4) People seem to still like me when dressed in head to toe red fleece and goretex. I shall thus make even less effort at home.

5) I look better after shedding my buttery tomb of flesh aka two stone. I can still crunk, dont worry.

6) That even though I have had a good time, home is still better. Ahhhhhh.....