Saturday, 3 December 2011

A cracking picnic!

Dave came to visit me recently (not really, it was November. I've caught bloglag off Mark) and a lovely Autumn day in Richmond Park was on the menu.
Or so we thought....

We kicked off with a woodland spread of meat, cheese, crusty bread, fruit, pastries. During the conversation I wondered aloud if my future boyfriend would want to have woodsy picnics with me. Dave thought that no one would if I carried on eating like that..

We mopped the crumbs and salad dressing from our coats and set off for a bike ride among the frightened deer.

We had a hearty cycle and then Dave felt it was time to go home for crumpets and tv. I had a little pout at this as I didn't feel we'd had enough adventure.
"Dave, can we go off the cycle path?"
"Probably not a good idea, lets just carry on."
"But what about this massive bracken and tree covered hill? It would be loads of fun to cycle down pretending we were Ed and David Tithecott."
"Hmm, no, looks too dangerous."
Pout pout.
"Oh, ok, if we must."

Once I'd sailed shrieking down the hill merrily dodging thickets and small animals, I stopped and looked behind for my partner in crime. Oh dear he'd fallen off. I slunk back and asked if I could take a picture of him fallen off his bike to show what a smashing picnic we'd had. Dave

unfortunately had concussion and couldn't remember the picnic, why he was in Richmond Park, or indeed why on earth he would ever want to visit me....

Five hours, many attempts to chat up the ambulance men, and a diagnosed broken collar bone and concussion later, we were free to get a seventy pound taxi back from Kingston hospital with Dave's mangled bike and a scornful Rhapsody in the back.

Oh don't worry, I managed to finish the picnic in the hospital cubicle.