Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Louis and I had been high alert for my period starting all day yesterday. At the Museum of London he'd put his hand into my high waisted shorts pocket and been startled to fish back an entire handful of tampons. Oh. Whoops. Well, I said, they're so tiny these days that I do need eight. One for every crevice. 
It still hasn't come but in anticipation of all that fluid leaving me I thought I'd eat a lot of cake today as a sort of skin tampon to sponge it all up.

First I started with Shreddies. Which if you think about it is a sort of cereal cake in chunks. Like mini millionaire shortbreads.

Then Dani Bristol and I met Louis for lunch at Lizzy B's hot new cafe in Newington Green. We shared banana, pear and chocolate cake, and chocolate, rose and cardamon cake and pronounced Lizzy a genius!

After that I went off to Ariana's to make beetroot and chocolate cake with her, Greyson the greyhound, and Ariana's soft soft soft baby. I promise I won't accidentally eat him or use him as a menstrual cork! He's just so compact!

Oh and I managed a Whole Foods chocolate Brownie whilst the cake was cooking. Had to build up the dam. I'm as leaky as the Thames when I get going.