Friday, 14 May 2010


Went for dinner on Thursday at an unnamed Hollywood location in London. I'm afraid a lady never eats and tells where..
Apart from glitz and glam, pizza was on the menu. Dave and Chris are constantly evolving their dish so rather than deja dough this is Puff Pastry: Part Deux.

Dough. 1kg strong White bread flour. Full works. Just over a pint of tepid water. 3x 1.5 sachets of yeast. Level table spoon of salt. Same of brown sugar. Plus 3 tbls olive oil. Put the yeast on the water and leave it to stand for a min. Make a volcano of your ingredients. Let's hope there's no planes flying round my kitchen!

Create a crater in the volcano and pour in some of the water, mix with a fork to create a yeasty lava. Keep adding the water and slowly bring it together to make a dough. Knead for 5 mins vigorously until it turns elastic and silky. Put into a bowl. Cover in clingfilm. Leave to prove in a warm cupboard until it DOUBLES in size! Then knead again and shake it out to whatevs you desire.

Dave chopped all the toppings up to throw them on a base of puree.
I think you probably do need a boyfriend for this meal as there was a lot of team work. Anyone want to make one with me?

Most of the ingredients went on as they were but he par fried the bacon and par boiled the asparagus. Then cracked a few eggs on it and set it off.

They managed to keep going me with crisps till it was ready. Top tip: Keep crisps cold in fridge! Apparently it adds an extra dimension to them so you don't eat as fast and thus as many. Didn't stop me!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Where are my juicy bits???

Went out last night with Harrie for a little dancey dance. We were both wearing outfits with a ruff on them by some humorous twist of fate so I labelled us the ruff sisters. Marky thought this was very funny. I think he was making out we were r o u g h. Not very nice is he??

Accidentally stayed at home until midnight sipping on my wine cellar but the timing really was serendipitous as nearly straight out the door bumped into Alex's old housemate Dan who ended up giving me nearly all of his kebab to eat. Here's a tip: Never give me food to hold. It was my first kebab so it really needs documenting.

This is how to make them at home if you want. Toss sliced lamb with grated onion, mash 3 cloves garlic with a little salt. Add garlic, 1tsp cumin, 1/2
cayenne pepper, 4 tsp olive oil, 1tsp oregano to sliced lamb and toss well. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator 20 minutes. Heat a heavy-based frying pan until v hot- allow lamb two mins each side. Fill the pitta pockets with the lamb, lemon juice, yoghurt, oregano and spring onions.
See this blog isn't just a recipe for a disaster!

So anyway, continued out and ended up at the Jazz bar. Had loads of fun. Made friends with this stupid guy. I was really mean to him and winced and screeched every time he came near me. And I made him give me every drink he bought or i'd crush the plastic cup with my hand so it dripped out anyway. He told Harrie he thought I was the perfect girl for him! Hmm. Harrie meanwhile was having her own problems/fun with other pups. We tumbled out eventually to find it was light outside. Unfortunately us poor little darlings then began to get dragged off to some after party with our new "friends". They just couldn't give us up! They were too persistent for our fragile heads so we waited till we'd sent them into a shop to buy us drinks (I was insisting on orange juice with juicy bits) and ran off. Well.. as fast as we could handle.

I really regretted missing out on my orange juice with juicy bits though. I was angry about it all the way home. I thought my silly idiot should have chased after the bus to give it to me. He knew I was ill. I was shouting at him in my head all the way to bed.

Slept like a baby straight through to eleven when I was hauled out of bed and to the Hoxton Bar and Grill in the same clothes I've been wearing since thursday. The waitor actually thought I was one of the Harajuku girls! Must have been my half open tired eyes. Had a lovely plate of eggs benedict to restore my wealth of health.

Now bathed and relaxed and waiting for Bob's arrival I'm finally chugging on a cold carton of orange juice with juicy bits. Aah heaven!


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Young, dumb, and full of lasagne

Firstly, i'm ever so ill. Moral of the story is don't ever invite strangers in for tea and rock buns as they probably have loads of germs. The flat just isn't used to foreign antibodies.

To combat this I went to Morrinov after my sleep in and bought loads of vegetables to make a vegelez lasagne to beat all others. Sweet potato, butternut squash, aubergine, red onions, red and yellow peppers, and cherry tomatoes. Also a few tangerines to pop in my mouth to keep me busy till it's cooked.
It's looking ever so nice. I roasted the chopped veg for an hour to soften it then layered it all up with the lasagne sheets and a cheese sauce. Also sneaked in some layers of cheese between the pasta blankets. I need cushioning if I'm going to be battered around so much!

MMm what a dreamboat! Bet you wish you were round here for dinner. I forgot it was the boys' pizza, beer and football night so had buckets of it lying about unwanted. Think they've scored an own goal in this case!

Night night peaches xxxxxx

Monday, 3 May 2010

Slag bol

Oh Gosh what a bank holiday was had! After work I was anticipating a nice quiet evening on Sunday night of nourishment for body and mind (good food and 90210 catch up respectively) but somehow it all unravelled. Starting with Dashy serving us chicken dippers and beans for dinner. Probably all went downhill from there...

The next day bruised and battered and terribly hungover I somehow trawled into work, medicated people, cooked a two course meal, persuaded someone not to get her toes pierced and drove the automatic people carrier to the hospital in rush hour for the first time.
You can imagine then how terribly grateful I was when I got home and Marky was cooking up this beauty! It had mince, bacon, mushrooms, onions, celery, tinned tomatoes, tomato puree and red wine all mulching up together for quite some time.
I practically sank into it!

Afterwards Dashy and Alex went on a magnum run. The boys said I probably did need an ice pack after all that activity!
MMm. All you could hear was happy slurping as we watched the film Ponyo. I then fell asleep nestled between Dashy and Alex. Finally worn out!


Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pac a Mac kerel

Yesterday was my day off so Bob and I met to begin to tick off our list of lovely things to do together:
Go for a cream tea in Oxford
Prance about in a bluebell wood
Join a pottery class
Find out what fisting is

We began with a nice cycle ride along the canal. Bob has a new bike which is blue with a basket. Dave came round first for a cup of tea and a rock bun which was a very tasty amuse bouche indeed. We had a brainstorming sesh for the name of the bike. Suggestions were: Gemma Jardine, Corinne Rhodes, Robyn McAllister and Azure. Votes in the comment box please.
Then we took our leave of Dave and packed up our warm mackerel and potato salad, chocolate orange cupcakes, and ginger ale and set off. We cycled up the kingsland canal and stopped off in London Fields to eat our main course.

Warm mackerel and potato salad:
Chop potatoes into bitable chunks and boil. Leave the skin on for nutritional benefit. Then add lots of mayonnaise, spring onions, lemon, and broken up smoked mackerel and mix thoroughly. Oh I also added handfuls of spinach.

Then the bit holding some of Corinne Rhodes' spokes to her wheel fell off which made it a bit difficult for Bob to ride her so we went to the bike shop and got her patched up. All better now! Luckily Rhapsody is built like a tank so we just waited outside safely but anxiously during this operation.

Then we pedalled back to the city road basin to eat our chocolate orange cupcakes on a mosaic bench shaped like a fish.

Emerging finally just by Shoreditch park for home time. What a good day!