Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A four way

Bob was been a real Alan TITmarsh (her words) this year and cultivated plentiful veg in her garden.
She harvested the runner beans yesterday and gave some to me, Roast, Chaz, and the rest for herself.
We all planned to cook them that evening and assumed each unique dish would reflect our personalities...

Fran: I had read about a broad bean, artichoke, shallot and white wine stew with polenta in the weekend magazine. Being such a rule breaker I took that recipe and ran right off with it to make a garlic, runner bean and courgettes stewed with sherry. The trick apparently with this is to drizzle good oil and parmesan on it after. Or hemp oil and brie. Whatever you have. It's always welcome.

Roast: Roast is very green. He's recently done a Thames mud flats clear up and advised us that plastic bottles take 1000 years to decompose. To reflect this he only used green vegetables- broccoli, broad beans, the runner beans, peas and pesto, with gnocchi. Al Gore would learn a thing or two from that dish.

Bob: Ole firecracker loves the sting of a dry white wine hitting a hot pan of arborio rice so sizzled up a runner bean risotto with a later chapter of unctuous stock, parmesan and 75g butter oozing off the plate. Obviously given some pep and zip with a handful of pine nuts and chopped fresh summer herbs. That's life. That's her life.

Chaz: She forgot. But no one minded. I bet she ate something much more fun.

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